CHAT concept

Basically, WWChat is a chat software like many others, but it’s not born to be simply a chat.

Lot of good messaging  software, with hundreds of millions of users is available in the market, and there is no reason to copy or pretend to be something else.

WWChat’s distinctive trait is in it’s nature:

It’s designed to be the base of a deep connection of many social aspects, linking games and music and all kind of application, meaning apps that apparently nothing have to see with messaging and communication.

Available Platforms

WWChat aims to be available on most Mobile and Web platforms.
It’s a recent project that will focus on Android OS in the beginning, before to spend energies on other OS development.

State of the art:

Android Version: Ready and available to beta testers.

WEB http version: Working preview version available here (Note: Needs to be a registered WWChat user)

Apple Ios: Beta testing, not ready


We have no secret, our plan about first WWChat development and integration, is:

  • Improve and stabilize WWChat Android version.
  • Spread WWChat as much as possible, tune in app client side and server side.
  • Make available WWChat IN-GAME feature for other SpinBB mobile applications and to 3rd party developers.
  • Integrate WWChat with other SpinBB music project for a new concept streaming application